What do you do when you have a business page that is not the appropriate location to showcase unpublished writings or un-juried art? You create another website.

That is what we, Janet and Janet, have done and we have linked it to our business Viridian Earth Contracts Ltd.

Sometimes, we write more than we really should then cut the masterpiece down to size yet still reflect on the initial long diatribe as being far superior. Well, here is a canvas upon which to display such stories.

And, being human, we have hobbies. Where better to display art, which may or may not ever make it into a gallery or to adorn somebody’s wall? Just perhaps, just in case, here it is anyway.

For the “professional” side of our work, visit viridianearthcontracts.com. We are writers and editors, specializing in making every word count. For our musings, longer articles and artistic endeavours, we offer janetandjanet.wordpress.com.