Painting with the Seasons

Is a very obviously winter scene attractive to prospective buyers at any time of year? It’s a question I have been grappling with and have a hunch the answer is no.

It’s late February and today temperatures rose from a very crisp -4 degrees Celsius at around 6 am to +7 by midday. We had a wintery squall pass through yesterday with 30 minutes of soggy snowflakes before the clouds moved off and blue sky took over. This is pretty typical for February on the west coast of Canada and it is anyone’s guess whether we’re in for an early spring or another blast of winter.

Snow Angel
12 x 24″ Oil on Canvas

Getting back to my question, I just happen to have finished Snow Angel, a scene from the top of Mount Washington captured by photo back in February 2017. I finished the painting of it two weeks ago and then waited until last night to add a coat of Retouch varnish to protect it before regular varnish can be added in six months…such is the life of painting with oil.

As I took it down to hang on the wall of Artique Artists Cooperative gallery, I did wonder whether I was pushing it. There were no other vividly wintery scenes in the gallery and this one now really stands out.

I wonder whether, much as clothing stores do, we need to pay attention to the coming seasons and display artwork accordingly? What do you think?

I’ll leave this one up for a month or so, and after that, unless is sells (which would be lovely…) it will come home until being put back on display again, perhaps November? Yes, November can be a little dreary and dark and a bit of fresh snow might be eagerly anticipated by those who like to ski or build snow people, or…make snow angels.