Videos and more

This time last year I was applying for my first funding as an artist. I worked hard on my application to the BC Arts Council, sent it off with fingers crossed, and, three months later got rejected; my first rejection for my first financial request. However, it turns out, I didn’t really need it.

I turn to instruction videos on Youtube when I get stuck. Occasionally, I ask a colleague, however, most of the time I sit back with coffee or chocolate or… and watch online as answers and ideas and motivation cascade from some clever, talented individual somewhere in the world to me. Having done this for the past eight years, I felt it was time to give back.

So, my request for funding stemmed from needing a good camera, one that would take videos as well as incredibly beautiful photos. And, with the camera I needed a tripod and microphone. I needed a video-editing software and instruction, and good lighting. All of this lovely equipment would then be used on my local artist colleagues so that I could record their instruction, their knowledge and what they wished to pass along to me and anyone watching the end product. I thought this would be a great way to not only enhance my knowledge, but promote those around me at the same time. And then I would use that equipment to create instructional videos as I continue my own artist’s journey.

Embrace of the Dogwood
Oil on Evolon Paper
14.5″ x 21.5″

Little did I know that a similar idea was cooking inside the heads of the organizers for this year’s Studio Tour. They were successful in funding, and hired a videographer to capture 5-minute interviews with artists participating in the tour. I was one of those artists. Following the tour, we have been able to use these videos for our own promotional material, and so I offer mine with those of the other artists, too. (Mine is number 3.)

However, when window shopping for equipment as I wrote that original grant, my temptation was unbearable for the camera. When I sold a painting worth half the camera’s cost, I justified the expense. My Canon EOS M50 Mark II arrived in the mail almost overnight, and OMG, it is gorgeous!! It is mirrorless, which was a new one on me. What is mirrorless? Look it up 🙂 It comes with a 15-45 mm lens which can be changed to more telephoto, however, for now that works fine. The macro is great, the different functions are exciting and overall, I really love it. Of course I needed a tripod, too. So, I put this all down to investment in my career.

When I started my next painting, I set up the equipment and recorded the whole process. The Dogwood painting took about a month to do, so I ended up with a huge amount of video that required editing.

It still does! I have taken a few steps to use the editing software that came with my Mac, iMovie, although I can see myself purchasing specific software soon as iMovie has its limitations. My intent is to create a how-to video of about 30 minutes together with a time-lapse video of perhaps 2 minutes and to host those on a new channel on Youtube.

So, as I fumble my way through that, I ask you: what would you apply for funding for in your artistic career? What are your dreams of taking your work to the next level? Please post responses in the feedback. Happy creating!