Inspired by…

We’ve all got them: people in our lives, whether physically close or Internet distant, who motivate and inspire us to move forward. Mentors, “sign posts”, influencers, teachers, parents – whoever they are, they make a difference in our lives.

As you embrace your creative path, you will find different people are attracted to you (I don’t mean physically like tapping into a dating pool…), and some, who you have known for a while, slip away out of your circle.

I live in a small community. I like to think this community has an extra large proportion of artists. I have yet to find one artist who jealously guards their market, work, talent and skills…just the opposite. People are willing to open their studios and share techniques, and above all, encourage others to pursue their art. Why? Because there is a trust that everyone is unique and the work we produce will be, well, unique.

One year into exploring my Artists’ Journey, I quit my full-time job. Scary, but definitely the right move at the right time. It was a commitment I made to myself to be who I am, not what the nine-to-five work was making me into. By opening up my daytimes, my calendar was remarkably free, and so I could take immediate advantage of an incredible artist coming to town for a public speaking event followed by a weekend workshop.

Drew Burnham (please do click on his name and take a moment to look through his amazing art, then come back) helped open the door for me to realize I could fit into the artist community. His event, and taking part in the workshop, allowed me to explore being in a room with artists whose work I had seen around town, but most of whom I had not yet met. I could hide behind the “I am brand new to this, just a beginner” moniker and so the pressure was off to produce anything really worth looking at. I made connections at that workshop and realized how all artists, no matter how much I admire their work, are human – just like you, just like me.

Laura Bay, acrylic on canvas, painted during the Drew Burnham workshop

So, the reason for this post is to encourage you to take a look at your own community. What type of art are you interested in or already creating? Whether that is visual art, music, performance, there will be somebody in your area who is already pursuing something similar. And, take a look at your immediate contacts…are any more interested in you and what you are doing now or are any less interested? Have some dropped off your radar?

There will be more posts about my own inspiring people, but hopefully this is enough for one day. Be kind to those who do not understand your art, accept that for some this creative path is not a journey they wish to take with you, and that new people will come into your life who are your mentors, sign posts, teachers, etc. etc. This is just a beautiful journey…